18 Jan

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Watch your veins

16 Jan

Just finished my first week of the 5th semester. I am really excited to jump in and learn. I am taking Medical/Surgurgical II, Med/Surg II clinical, Pharm II, Nursing Management, and coursework for Vietnam. I actually feel like I have a hold of things so far. I just hope I can keep on top of it. This semester for nursing clinicals we get to take on more responsibility, we get to do IVs! This might sound a bit odd but I am really enjoying my “Manual of IV Therapeutics” book. Since I work on the heart and lung recovery unit I hear, see, and write a lot of things, but I dont always know what they mean. This book has opened up my eyes to a different view of medication. It is totally crazy because for the first time in nursing school, since I have been studying this week, I feel that I am able to consistently use critical thinking skills. Kind of like putting big sections of a puzzle together instead of connecting just one piece to another.
In clinical this week we (my clinical group) were in the lab. We went over different types of standard protocols for certain drugs and what to watch for when the patients are on them. We learned how to do central line dressing changes, assessed all the things we shouldn’t do to a patient, how to hang blood, blood draws, and IV insertions. I totally got an adrenaline rush doing the IV and blood draws. It sucks learning how to do them because I don’t enjoy making people suffer while I stick my needle in and dig around. I think it is a good thing that we do them on each other to know how both sides of the process feels. It is a bit nerve wracking getting poked by someone who has no idea what they’re doing. I think most of us are bothered more when we are the ones doing the digging around, I think it is just our nursing nature not hurting others. I went home that night to practice on Cory and this is how it went…..

Role Models

4 Jan

Growing up I never had a significant role model. It is strange now that I am 25 I am developing role models/heros. It has all started with working in nursing. Their are two people who make me want to be a better nurse, and not just a better nurse but a better person. One is a doctor and one of them is a nurse. I believe that they are excellent at their profession because of who they genuinely are.
First is the doctor who is so good to his staff. He somehow knows all of our names and talks to us like we are old pals. He enjoys joking around and getting to know us. Plus he brings us goodies.Yummy Friut Dessert He is so good to the staff, but even better to patients and their families. An example, the other day there was a gentleman who needed to get to his hotel. This Dr. showed him where and how to catch the train for the night and then said, “I live close to that hotel how about I pick you up in the morning?” The man was stunned with such generosity from this Dr. I mean how many of us would actually offer to do that? If I were in that situation it probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind to ask. I guess that is one bad thing about being the only child is that I usually think about me and my family’s needs, sometimes not even them. I have gotten better at not putting my needs first as I have gotten older, hence the being wiser. This Dr. has been example to me by making everyone he meets feel like they are the only person he cares about. I hope to achieve this attribute one day.
The next person who is my hero is a nurse I work with. She is one of the best nurses out there. She is humble and spends her time with her patients. She is always keeping busy and doesn’t get involved in the gossip that unfortunately goes around in the work place. When she is caring for her patients she reminds me of a mother who cares for her children, even though most of them are older than her. She sits at their bedside and gets to know them she has that healing connection with them. I also know her outside of work and know she is a very happy, loving woman. I hope to one day have the qualities she possesses and have someone admire me. I want to inspire someone to better themselves.

Hustle and Bustle

26 Dec

I have not worked for two weeks with finals and a family vacation. Its been kind of nice but mostly weird. I am used to keeping busy, if I am not productive I get bored. I am finding when I am at work and there is down time I don’t know what to do with myself; rarely does that happen because their is usually something that needs to be done.
When school is all said and done it will be nice to go on a two week vacation. Sometimes I wonder if I will be able to go for so long without having any meaningful purpose. I guess it is really up to me whether or not my vacation has purpose. Maybe that means I should go for one week instead? We all have the same amount of time. I choose to use it with best intentions most of the time, sometimes those intentions end up with me falling asleep in my book though. For me rejuvenation is more of having time to relax each day instead of being gone for two weeks. I think it is very beneficial to take time and enjoy oneself whether it be daily or weekly. Learn about and understand why you are the way you are or maybe why it is the way you think. I have the opportunity to work 12 hour days and by doing so has allowed me to enjoy an extra day or two off of the work week. Having an extra day to myself lets me be able to do things that others might not have the chance to do when people work days. I have enjoyed the morning rays as it filters through my patio window and think to myself what a wonderful life I have. I know life won’t always be so sweet I know kids will come along and there will probably be less and less time to enjoy small moments of self realization. I am grateful that my work is flexible enough to let me take a two week vacation (if I want to) and still get paid for it. I am truly blessed with the job I have and the people I work with on CVU 3 they inspire me to be a better employee.

Up or Down?

17 Dec

I guess you may have noticed I have been a bit busy with finals and all. Well you will be glad to know my hard work has paid off for this semester. I got an A- in Peds and Psych. Wow am I awesome or what? I am so happy that I was able to get such good grades. To tell you the truth this Fall 2010 sem wasn’t too difficult. I am really worried about next sem though I am going from 6 credit hr to 12 credit hr. I am doubling my load I don’t think I have worked 24 hours and gone to school full-time since I started my prerequisites in Fall 2004. I am a bit nervous being able to manage a house, have my husband in his 2nd sem of MBA school and go away on a humanitarian trip for 17 days. Then again there are people out there who do twice as much as I do and still manage. I just want to keep my sanity that’s all. No, I know I will some how survive. After all is said and done I will have gone to school for almost seven years. I have worked very hard and been very diligent while in the nursing program. It shouldn’t have taken me this long but now looking back I don’t think I applied myself. If only I had done so during my prerequisites then I would have been done by now. But then again maybe things happened this way for a reason. Maybe I wouldn’t have met my sweetheart or maybe I just need more time as a CNA to fulfill some purpose. I believe most things happen for a reason. I hope I can just learn from all the different choices I have made. I believe that every choice we make has consequences some good some bad. I believe that we need to live and grow from them. I know I have a lot to learn. The older I get the more I realize I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew at a younger age. Life is a funny thing.

Why do we hurt?

1 Dec

I just finished one of my online lectures for psych class. It was on abuse, violence and rape. I don’t feel so hot after listening to it. It makes me angry that people think they have the right to hurt other people. It’s ironic though, if you think about it, because we as the human population hurt each other in some way or another. Not necessarily physically or sexually, but more emotionally, maybe to get back at someone. How often do you say something mean to your spouse? Often times we hurt others because we have been hurt by them or sometimes we find someone who we think is weak and we can beat upon. Why do we hurt people? Is it something we learn as children? Do we manipulate others to get what we want? I don’t understand why we do some of the things we do.
I think if you are hurt by someone don’t react to the situation. Give yourself some time to compose yourself and think about it (this will be very difficult) then go to that person who hurt you and tell them how you feel about the situation (be honest with yourself). Don’t blame or point fingers just state the facts of the situation. I have started taking this stance and have found that when I express my true feelings to Cory, being humble and composed, then he is more willing to listen and understand where I might be coming from. I don’t ever want to REact to a situation, that means I am not in control. I want to ACT on my composed thoughts and feelings then express them. I find that you get a better response or can at least hold a conversation that way.

I am excited to go to Vietnam. I want to help those who have been victims of so much pain and suffering. The orphaned children have little guidance in any area. There is no one to teach them how to handle social situations or to listen to their feelings. This gives me another motive to go to Vietnam. I will be able to listen to and comfort those who need it. I will pass on some of the knowledge and communication skills that I have learned. I have raised $800 so far and need another $2,200 to send me on my way. Please help me so I can help others.

It takes time

24 Nov

For the past couple of weeks I have gotten my wish of working on the floor. I do like it and it does make the time fly by, but boy am I completely wiped by the end of the day. I don’t know how the nurses manage to keep up with all of it. Some nurses work anywhere from three to seven 12 hour days in a row. Constantly being on their feet trying to remember what the last person said and who to help next. It’s a crazy job that takes a lot of physical strength and mental stamina to achieve. I have worked for IHC for 4 1/2 years and finally feel like I know what I am doing. I am nervous when I become a nurse because of all the things that need to be done and not knowing how to do them. If it has taken me 4 1/2 years to feel competent as a CNA then it will at least take me 8 years to feel competent as a nurse. Oh joy. I am dreading the nights after I become a new nurse because I will come home and lay my head down to get some sleep but won’t because I will continue working in my dreams. It always happens to me when I get a new job or some new responsibility I have. I guess I will trudge along. I do know that all of my hard work has some purpose. I know I will be just fine as a new grad as long as I got my co-workers to train me. They are the best! Our floor got number one for highest scores on patient satisfaction throughout all of Intermountain facilities. After that we had a little saying that made us feel pretty proud. “You will have a better experience having a heart attack at our hospital than having a baby.” I think we are pretty clever. We just like to give the best care to each of our patients. Now who else would I want to train me as a new nurse? I love my team go CVU 3 awesome.